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2nd Project

slanze Consigliere posted 2 hours ago  -  Star Trek Online



Our 2nd project is on cooldown now just 2 to go people HOORAY.  Attached is a screenshot of current leader board.

starbase tier V project winner is @saberwyn. Congrats Saber you have a bonus 100 DKP Points

Our Current LeaderBoard -:

1st Place                @Vayrand

2nd Place               @Saberwyn

3rd Place               @Turbo_MMX

Our Current LeaderBoard Screenshot


IMP Project

slanze Consigliere posted 18 hours ago  -  Star Trek Online



The next major project (Starbase tier V) is up and running. Donate Donate Donate for the chance to win major prizes


The Equator Armada

Koppenflak Don posted Mon at 10:40  -  Star Trek Online

Hello Ausmonauts,

After some technical difficulties, I am extremely pleased to be able to formally introduce the Equator Armada.

Since Armadas were first announced some weeks ago, the leaders of the Ausmonauts and our Equator allies have been discussing Armadas and how we'd arrange it.

We have also been approached by one or two fleets, who you will come to recognise as a result of those discussions.

With the extremely gracious backing of Special Service Squadron, the Ausmonauts are the Alpha fleet in the Equator Armada. This is a wholly pragmatic decision based on our fleet's size and position within the larger alliance. The Ausmonauts main fleet therefore benefits from a 10% skillpoint bonus, and a 2.5% dilithium discount.

In Beta positions are our long-time allies the Special Service Squadron, the Dark Allies, and the 101st Fleet. These fleets at this time have an even 5% bonus to skill points and 5% discount to dilithium costs.

It is notable that both our Alpha fleet and these three Betas are all Tier 5 fleets. With the sole exception of the new Research Lab, each of these fleets has completely finished their main and secondary holdings.

In Gamma positions, we have Ausmonauts 2nd Fleet (formerly Ausmonauts Alpha Squadron), 101st Fleet's Delta Squad, Wolf 359 Special Ops, Brotherhood of the Mercenary (another Australian fleet), the Federation's Elite, Grand Alliance Fifth Fleet, Terran Empire 1st Fleet, and our old Core Alliance friends, the Xindi Alliance. These fleets gain a 10% dilithium discount, and a 2.5% skill point bonus.

By the numbers:

The Equator Armada:
Level: 354
Total members: 1,906
Fleets: 12
Number of T5 Starbases: 4
Maximum dilithium discount: 10%
Maximum skillpoint bonus: 10%

Welcome to the Alliance.


Fleet Commander, Star Trek Online

Equator Armada update

Koppenflak Don posted Jul 23, 15  -  Star Trek Online

Update 26/07/2015: Ausmonauts 2nd Fleet has finally dropped from the Armada and we are almost ready to finalise the Armada.

Many in Star Trek Online will have noticed the delay in finalising the Equator Armada. This is a general update as to what is happening, and why.

When Season 10.5 was first launched, the decision was made to temporarily move Ausmonauts 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Fleets (Formerly known as Alpha, Beta and Gamma squadrons) under the main fleet in a Beta (and subordinate Gamma) position. This was to facilitate the easy transfer of materials between the fleets until such time that we understood the structure of the Equator Alliance under the Armada system.

From the Season 10.5 developer blog on Armadas:

"The waiting period for leaving/kicking only applies for Fleets with multiple Fleet leaders. During this waiting period, the Fleet cannot participate in any of the bonuses or Armada contributions. The waiting period can be bypassed if all Fleet leaders agree to the leave or kick action. Alternatively, if any of the Fleet leaders disagrees with the kick or leave vote, they can undo the kick or leave any time before the waiting period is up."

We have subsequently discovered a critical bug in the Armada system that prevents the system from working as the above blog describes. After the kick timer on a fleet expires, it should be removed from the Armada unless one of the Dons has opted to override the kick vote. Instead, the timer is sent to an endlessly resetting loop, where it returns to a 24-hour cooldown.

In other words, we are unable to remove Ausmonauts 2nd Fleet from the Armada's Beta position without having every Don on the fleet roster (Lostpinky, Koppenflak, Nagrom, Pup) vote to confirm the kick, and thus bypass the timer. The same is true if we attempt to leave the Armada from 2nd Fleet instead of kicking from the main fleet.

Pup is in the Royal Australian Navy, and is currently on deployment. Understandably, this means he is unable to log in to the game to complete this.

We are attempting to contact Pup.

The second option is that we temporarily demote Pup's toons in the main fleet, however due to Cryptic's decision to include a security timer on removing Rank-7 officers, this is a process that will take a minimum of four weeks to complete - with each toon being demoted taking a full two weeks to be removed from its position. No other leader may be promoted or demoted during that time period.

We have also attempted to reach out to Cryptic to make them aware of this bug. They have said they are looking in to the issue, but we have no other information.

Lastly, we have been making every effort to keep our allies updated on this. The fleet that is to replace Ausmonauts 2nd Fleet once this problem is resolved is the 101st Fleet, and they have indicated to us their desire and intention to continue to work with us during this frustrating process. Our allies, the Special Service Squadron, have indicated they are willing to temporarily leave the Armada to allow the 101st to take the beta position as intended, so if this happens - please know that the Special Service Squadron will be returned to a beta position as soon as this bug is fixed.

The Dons are working as hard as they can to rectify this, but at the moment, the only thing we can do is simply provide you with information on what we are doing to address it. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us personally.

Thank you all for your support and patience.

Fleet Commander, Star Trek Online

Lostpinky aCommissioneDon LOLZ
slanze Consigliere
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